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ABG Consulting LLC

I am the founder and principal of ABG Consulting LLC, a small business that supports nonprofits, local and state governments, and foundations to help people in need build stable, productive lives. My clients create affordable housing and provide programming for people who are low income, homeless, are refugees, or have other special needs. I do public grant writing, business planning, and research and special projects.


Working both in Maine and nationally, I've written over $169 million in successful public grants since founding my business in 1993, including the federal Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Labor, and Justice. In Maine, I've helped clients respond to RFPS from MaineHousing, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Education.

I help my clients manage the grant writing process, write drafts, assist with the budget, perform required research, develop logic models, and help build partnerships needed for grant implementation. I reach across program silos and disciplines to help develop solutions to my clients' unique needs. 


Testimonials from my Clients

"Anne Gass helped our organization navigate the complicated process of submitting a highly competitive and successful federal grant proposal that resulted in a 4 year, 2.4k award. She has the professional knowledge and skill set to write effective grant proposals. Her incredible attention to detail, quick-wittedness and unusual ability to quickly develop trusting relationships make Anne an absolute delight to work with!"

Beth Wilbur Van Mierlo, Executive Director, Side x Side

"There are so many wonderful things I could say about Anne, the work she has accomplished, the people she has helped, and the many organizations that have secured funding and have grown with Anne's help. We formed an incredible friendship during the work we did together when I was running Refugee Services. Later, she  helped me and the other two co-founders of Cross Cultural Community Services in applying for a grant, with no questions asked- a display of her kindness, patience, caring attitude and overall unconditional dedication to see and help anyone succeed. I have learned so much from her over the years!"


Regina Phillips,  Co-Founder, Cross Cultural Community Services


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